PLMcenter membership provides PLM project sponsors, project managers and team members with unlimited access to all necessary information, resources, tools and methodologies to successfully plan, manage, execute and complete PLM projects.

The information, resources, tools and methodologies made available to PLMcenter members have been successfully used and proven in PLM projects at hundreds of large and small companies across all industries and have helped these companies to complete their PLM projects in a more efficient and cost effective manner. It would take years of internal effort and hundreds of hours of consulting services to develop similar material to what is available as part of a PLMcenter membership.

Members also get 10 hours of complementary consulting from leading, recognized PLM experts and thought leaders as well as additional consulting services at a reduced rate of $200/hr.

Membership is open to companies and institutions from all industries, including aerospace & defense; automotive & transportation; chemical & pharmaceutical; consumer goods & consumer packaged goods; energy & utilities; entertainment; financial services; food & beverage; high-tech & electronics; industrial equipment; life sciences & medical devices; oil & gas; professional services, retail, footwear & apparel; software; universities & academia; etc.